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15-20Kva three phase in one out

 Ups power supply

  15-20Kva three phase in/one out

  3-W 15KL-20KL adopts double conversion pure online architecture, beautiful appearance, product performance and product reliability greatly improved. Provides an ideal solution to power grid outages.provides safe and reliable power supply protection. Adopts advanced DSP digital control technology

  Powerful overload capacity: 110-125% of the load can run for 10 minutes; 125-150% of the load can run for 1 minute, perfect EMC electromagnetic compatibility design, to provide a clean power environment for your equipment;

  Ultra-wide input voltage range provides the most complete protection for your valuable equipment in all kinds of harsh electrical environments;

  Standard RS232 communication interface, equipped with SNMP slot, can realize UPS remote monitoring function, remote monitoring of UPS network through TCP/IP or Internet;

  Whether in the mains mode or the switch between the electricity and battery mode is completely no conversion time, effectively guarantee the reliability of the load operation;

  Fully intelligent double conversion high-frequency on-line structure, the power input using power factor correction (PFC) input power factor can reach 0.95 or more;

  Close to 90% of full-load operating efficiency, easy energy-saving and environmental protection, and effective reduction of electricity expenses;

  Microcomputer control: innovative software program control method with high reliability;

  Boot self-diagnosis function, cold start function, automatic switch function;

  With output short circuit protection capability;