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10-40kva 3/3 PF UPS

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  10-40kva 3/3 PF UPS

  ChengWen 3-3U 10KL-40KL adopts all-digital control technology, integrates the most advanced technological achievements in the field of contemporary power electronics and automatic control, and provides safe, reliable, stable, and environmentally friendly power protection for users' key loads. While providing high reliability and adaptability, it provides greater power, lower TCO, more reliable service guarantee, and more convenient maintenance and management

  Excellent electrical performance

  On-line three-into three-out double conversion structure adopts advanced rectification and IGBT inverter control technology, supporting 380/400/415V, 50/60Hz power grid system;

  Ultra-wide input voltage and frequency range

  The input power factor can be as high as 0.95, and the total input current distortion is less than 4.5%,

  Output power factor up to 0.9, which is 12.5% higher than traditional UPS load capacity;

  Intelligent fault diagnosis, rich fault records, large-capacity fault memory space;

  Safe, Stable and Reliable

  The core circuit uses a high-speed DSP digital signal processor to implement all-digital control of the UPS

  Built-in output isolation transformer can reduce the impact of zero-ground voltage and load harmonic current on the inverter;

  Over 90% of components and components in the system design use international famous brands. The equipment has passed the 24-hour aging and related verification tests before leaving the factory .

  Various communication interfaces and options

  Built-in multiple communication interfaces (RS232, RS485, dry contacts, EPO, etc.)

  Unique design and easy operation

  Modular design, full front operation, easy to maintain;