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CW12V 5-200AH

 Ups power supply
The battery case adopts a new insulation board AGM+PP ABS flame retardant material, which is a new upgrade of the outer casing, which has better sealing, anti-riot and heat resistance, and the product is safer and more reliable. The terminal has good electrical conductivity, and it is in perfect contact with the equipment to reduce the power loss and ensure the power supply is normal.
Application areas:
UPS uninterruptible power supply, communication system, security backup power supply, medical equipment and other fields
Long life design
Using advanced grid manufacturing technology, the corrosion resistance of the grid is greatly improved, and the battery design float life is over 10 years.
High rate discharge performance, capacity enough
Adopting the leading edge plate design and terminal design, supplemented by advanced formula and welding process, it improves the high power discharge performance of the battery while ensuring the capacity.
High security
Flame-retardant battery case and cover design conforming to the insulation board AGM+PP ABS, more peace of mind
Low self-discharge rate
20 ° C room temperature, standing for 28 days, the battery self-discharge rate is less than 2%, higher than the industry standard requirements
High consistency
Adopt automatic production process, high production efficiency, good performance of plate and battery consistency, more suitable for UPS multi-section series application
Highly compatible with UPS
In product design, it focuses more on compatibility matching with UPS and system cost optimization, achieving perfect integration with UPS.
Easy installation and maintenance
Uniform embedded terminal design, battery over-current performance, easy installation and maintenance