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offline 500Va UPS

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  offline 500Va UPS

  Chengwen Offline “C” series UPS not only have voltage stabilites,short circuit protection, Auto adjust, over load protection, discharge and overcharge etc function. It also can throught RS232 to connect with computer and let Remote supervisory control UPS come true. Popular use for Home PC, Soho office, Business POS machine , working station and other many small power system.

  Simple ,Generous and Elengency Surface

  Super wide voltage Input range

  UPS have auto voltage stabilites, Operation Input voltage from 162~295V AC. Can largely protect the battery and keep the machine much more lifespan. Expecial Use on the un-stabilites electronic net system and the scurviness electronic system.

  Brilliant CPU control To guarance the Operation well

  1. Advantage CPU control, Make our machine more rapidly, more precise for data processing

  2. Interactive design, During Operation, UPS can auto chargeto battery, to keep the battery full power.

  3. Use the advantage Hall device and Gloable quality components and parts also with gloable standard maneger to guarance our good quality product.

  Smart un-load Auto Switch echinique

  1, When City votlage input, UPS auto start on, No need any other process, and the same time to charge for the battery

  2.When the UPS power off, the system will auto Diagnose. If loading are small than 5%. UPS will be judge are unload status. Will shut down in one mins. It will largely low down the damage of the battery. To protect UPS a long lifespan.