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What are the precautions for ups power installation

 Professional knowledge     |      2018-11-06 11:26

What are the precautions for ups power installation?

    Under normal circumstances, when purchasing the ups power supply, the manufacturer will provide complete and detailed installation requirements and related precautions. When installing, only the relevant installation requirements can be met to ensure the normal operation of the power supply system. In the actual use process, the staff will send relevant parameters to the customer according to the actual situation of the power supply to be installed, so that the customer can construct according to the relevant parameters. Therefore, it is important to clearly identify the relevant precautions when installing.


What are the precautions for ups power installation

  First, before installation, the user should provide input power to the power supply, and the fluctuation value should be less than the nominal power fluctuation of the power supply. The main role is to ensure that the power supply is running properly. The corresponding zero-ground voltage, usually required to have no load, should be less than 1.5V. For this reason, for the construction personnel, it is necessary to provide corresponding values ​​according to the site conditions and related load requirements.

  Second, before installing the power supply, the common mode should be eliminated. The main reason is that between the neutral line and the live line, the filter capacitor is added to the ground. Therefore, the neutral line and the live line will have current to the ground, which will cause zero. When the line and the line current are not equal, a tripping trip will occur. Because of this, the power supply front stage and the load circuit cannot be equipped with circuit breakers with leakage protection. The main role is to effectively avoid accidental power loss.

  Third, the power input circuit breaker should be a dedicated separate control power input and output, so the power input to the lower port of the circuit breaker, do not connect other equipment, so as not to affect the normal power on and off of the power input. When selecting the input and output circuit breaker for the power supply, the nominal voltage of the circuit breaker is required and should meet the rated input and output voltage.