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Online interactive UPS power supply works

 Professional knowledge     |      2018-11-06 11:26
The online interactive UPS power supply combines the advantages of backup and online, and has the characteristics of low price, low maintenance cost, 0ms conversion, etc. The working state can also be divided into the normal state of the mains and the abnormal state of the mains.
Mains normal state
The grid input current enters the bidirectional converter for rectification work, the rectified current is charged to the UPS battery pack all the way, and the other is converted into AC power to supply the load through the inverter.
Online interactive ups power supply works
Mains abnormal state
If the grid input current is abnormal or interrupted, the UPS power supply will immediately interrupt the mains supply. Since the online interactive UPS power inverter is always in operation, its conversion time is 0ms, which will not affect the equipment.