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Guangdong Zhongren Group Construction Co., Ltd.

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  Guangdong Zhongren Group Construction Co., Ltd.

  Client: Guangdong Zhongren Group Construction Co., Ltd.

  Use product: online W 20KL

  product description:

  Chengshen Online W 20KVA is designed to meet the requirements of China's power grid, providing a wide input voltage range to adapt to the harsh grid environment; excellent input frequency range allows the UPS to adapt to different power supply equipment such as generators. Widely used in small and medium-sized enterprises, large enterprise branches, bank outlets and other small data center storage, network equipment, VoIP, communication equipment, automation equipment, Office office terminal precision equipment.

  User profile:

  Guangdong Zhongren Group Construction Co., Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise with investment capital diversification and state-owned capital as the main body in full compliance with the modern enterprise system. It is affiliated to Guangsheng Investment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Guangsheng Asset Management Co., Ltd. directly under the Guangdong Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

  The company has been approved as a first-class construction enterprise by the Ministry of Construction, and has two general contracting qualifications for building construction engineering and highway engineering construction. Four professional contracting projects: intelligent building engineering, decoration and decoration engineering, telecommunication engineering, blasting and demolition engineering. Level qualification, with the engineering design (installation) license of Guangdong Cable TV Station.

在线式W 20KL