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Guangzhou Qiao Neng Industrial Co., Ltd.

 Partner     |      2018-10-22 09:49

  Customer: Guangzhou Qiao Neng Industrial Co., Ltd.

  Use product: online 6KVA (L)

  Customer request: power supply for two hours

  product description:

  W 6-10L (long machine) is a double conversion online UPS. The difference from the standard machine is that it is equipped with a battery cabinet and can be connected to an external battery. Widely used in network management centers and computer centers, banking securities, taxation, communications, postal, radio and television, public security, transportation, electricity, medical, industrial control, national defense, and other important data areas.

  User profile:

  Guangzhou Qiao Neng Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in No.265, Xia Mao Bingfang, Airport Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. It is a public security, armed police, border defense, and military. Equipment and equipment support units of other units.

  In recent years, our company has provided equipment and equipment support for the anti-terrorism stability of the General Staff Department, the Armed Police Force, the Border Defense Forces, and the Navy Escort Fleet and the security of large-scale activities. Because the equipment we provide is practical, reliable, timely, and thoughtful, it has won unanimous praise from all walks of life and enjoys a good reputation.

  The company always adheres to the market-oriented, strives to develop and innovate, and constantly develops new technologies and new products. At present, it has obtained many research results and technical patents in the related fields of security equipment and imaging technology. The company's security inspection equipment manufacturing technology has reached the domestic leading level.

online 6KVA (L)