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Nanjing Mingdu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

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  Nanjing Mingdu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

  Client: Nanjing Mingdu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

  Use product: Chengwen UPS power backup

  product description:

  Chengshen Backup C Series has many functions such as input voltage regulation, short circuit protection, automatic regulation, output overload protection, battery charge management and so on. The user can also connect to the computer network through the RS232 serial port, and the user can monitor the UPS operation status in real time with more software. Suitable for home PC, SOHO small office environment, small communication switches, SOHO network equipment, commercial POS machines, workstations and peripherals, etc...

  User profile:

  Nanjing Mingdu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly: Nanjing Mingdu Security Equipment Co., Ltd.) was established in 2003. Its headquarters is located in the historical city of Nanjing, the “National Leading Talents Pioneer Park”, and its production base is located in the most innovative city. Shenzhen.

  The name is an innovative technology enterprise that focuses on the field of law enforcement information and provides its industry-wide solutions and one-stop services. In recent years, in line with the development trend of big data and "Internet +" to meet the actual needs of users, with platform-customized application development as the core, based on hardware + software + platform, actively build a product diversification strategy system, all-round Forward-looking research on technologies such as big data analysis and intelligent identification has formed a multi-dimensional competitive advantage of professional, technical, talent and standardized management, and has become an industry benchmark in many fields.

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